A Message From Scott Grandfield

During this time of year we are usually asked, “so are you busy?” With a light laugh we answer yes and continue sprinting through our day. This year we have another concern impacting us this tax season – the #Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is impacting us all, changing our lives and is continuing to change every day.

We at Grandfield Tax & Business Services, Inc., have taken steps with our team and our clients to best keep everyone as safe as possible.

We have put several guidelines in place for everyone’s well-being, encouraging good hygiene and cleaning practices, and recommending social distancing as much as possible.

We understand your refunds are important to you as well as your safety. Fortunately, the IRS is continuing to process returns, we are open for business and ready to help you get your return filed. To help facilitate social distancing and conform with local governmental requests we have stopped all in office appointments and have changed them to phone or virtual appointments.

If you have not experienced a virtual or phone appointment, take comfort in knowing that Grandfield Tax has been working virtually for many years already. We have 3 methods to obtain your tax documents to help complete you return. In order of preference, they are:

1. Our Secure Portal:  This is the safest method of delivering your tax documents to us. If your documents are on paper, you will need to scan them to a digital format; we prefer PDF. The login can be found at our website at https://www.grandfieldtax.com/clientportal. If you have not synced to the portal or you are having issues please contact our front office.

2. Document Drop-off or Mail-In:  At the moment our office is staffed so we will be able to take your documents. If possible, do not give us original documents. For your security, it is best if we have the ablility to scan and shred all documents that come across our desk. Package all your documents in an envelope with your name printed neatly on the outside of the envelope.

3. Fax: Yes, we still accept fax. This is a good option for packages under 10 pages. If your return is more complicated than this we advise that you use one of the other 2 options. Our fax number is 714-921-2794.

Once your return is complete, your tax advisor will be contacting you via phone call or email to discuss the results. You will need to sign the efile authorization forms for us to efile your return. There 4 ways to do this:

1. Docusign: This is a quick and easy way to sign the return digitally. You will receive an email that links to a copy of your return and the authorization, with a few clicks you are done. We will be instantly notified that you have signed. Note: we must have an email address for both taxpayer and spouse for this method.

2. Our Secure Portal: We can upload the return copy and Authortizations to our portal for your access.  You will need to print the forms out, sign and then return it to us. You can return them by upload, fax or mail.

3. In-building pick-up: We can package your return and authorization forms for a quick visit to sign.

4. Mail:  We can mail your package to you.  You will need to mail back your signed authorization forms.

We appreciate your patience in this time, but if you want/need to file an extension, please contact our office at 714-921-2790.

As always, we are here for you.

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