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Updated: Nov 24, 2020

As we continue during these troubling times, many will find being productive hard. Adjusting to your new schedule, working from home, endless video calls, and taking care of your little ones, things may have fallen between the cracks. 

You recognize that it is time for a change, and you want to start knocking off those tasks that you have been putting off. Here are some ways to remain productive during these unprecedented times:

Make a Plan

Writing down your day or having a checklist of what needs to be done for the day, week, or month is a great visual technique to see what needs to be done. You will visually see what needs to be done and once complete, you can see your progress of tasks being crossed off. This will give you a motivational boost to continue completing tasks. 

Writing down tasks also helps you prioritize what needs to be done in a timely manner. Things happen unexpectedly throughout the week but knowing where you need to devote your time and energy helps with “decision fatigue.”

Location, Location, Location

While at home, it is best to designate different spots within your house or apartment for various activities. There should be a designated spot for you to work and a designated spot for other activities, such as lounging, eating, or working out, and they should never blend in with other areas. This boundary helps you focus on work and work alone. Blending in these different spaces may confuse your brain into thinking it may be time to lounge or eat when you would rather be productive. Also, having a designated workspace, you can turn off a work mentality when you please. 

Take Mental Health Seriously

Self-care and your mental health should not be overlooked, especially during these unprecedented times. It is important to check in with yourself and know what you need. It is ok to take a step back to recharge yourself – even if that means taking a day off work to be with family or some “you” time. 

Some activities that you could practice is to meditate, exercise, or simple stretching. Not only do these activities promote better blood flow after a long day of sitting, but also it allows you to reconnect with yourself. 

Though the world has changed drastically, it does not mean that you can’t still be productive. Following these steps and also tailoring other suggestions to your liking will benefit you in the long term. 

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